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Low carb receipts, peppers onions pineapple,  lemon juice, cilantro ,  salt pepper.


Low carb receipts, peppers onions pineapple, lemon juice, cilantro , salt pepper.


Our youth

So you all seen the fight videos of young people fighting , usually you see the girls vidios more than boys.I just have to say that’s some sad stuff ..dont understand why young women think is cool to bang on on each other on the streets like that. Women should sticking together helping one another. Hurting each other over some she said he said crap or over boys..smh..they should have more respect for themselves.i can say its because they live in the ghetto but as I was raised in the ghetto and always choose to stay away from people that behaved like idiots..just saddens my heart to see our youth hurting each other.

Great tips for a healthier you

Like many of you I have battled with my weight since my child hood. Losing weight and then gaining it back very quickly was my normal way of living. The main reason for not being able to maintain the weight lost was trying different diets that were not healthy nor attainable for a long period time. Like most people I tried the, one meal a day, the salad and veggie diets, and the no/low carb diets. These diets work for a while because I was shocking my body by not giving it the usual or necessary calories and food but once I started to eat like a normal person I would gain all the weight faster than you can say “weight”. Finally I started studying nutrition and educating myself on how to loose the weight without hurting my body. Once I gathered enough information I started following some basic tips that have helped me lose weight and keep it off. I have lost close to 60 pounds and have kept it off and most important I did it the healthy way. I know how complicated losing the weight can be so I put the the most important things I know can help you obtain your goal weight and keep it.

1. Always eat breakfast. You should eat breakfast as soon as you can. Examples: Eating oatmeal( McDonalds has a great one), fruits, grain breads, egg white omelet with all the veggies you want to add. Please never skip breakfast your body needs to know it’s time to work and start burning some calories.

2. Don’t skip any meals eat your lunch around five hour after breakfast and dinner five hours after lunch. Have a snack in between your meals. If you always have a snack in between meals you won’t over eat at meal time. Best thing to do is snack on Fruits that way you have at least two fruits a day. If your craving sweets have a slice of wheat toast with peanut butter and for something salty have a hard-boiled egg (both of these have protein and protein is the best thing for your body).

3. Stay away from those things that are high in bad fat, fried foods and empty calorie foods. Empty calorie foods are the worst, these are food that have no vitamins, no fiber, no nutrients just calories examples: chips (which is just fat and salt), candy, sodas etc. If you are going to eat something make sure it has some kind of nutrients.

4. I know it’s hard to prepare all your food with our busy schedules but try to prepare as many foods as possible if you prepare your meals they will be made with fresher ingredients than if you bought already made food.

5. Never eat if you are going to bed. This is one of the worst things you can do. First of all what’s the point, why do you have to eat if you’re going to bed? Save that hunger for your breakfast. Just like your body needs breakfast to wake up and burn it also needs a break to be able to work hard for you. If you eat before bed your body is forced to work overtime while you sleep. This will slow it down next day. If you are starving and can’t fall asleep try a glass of water or if that doesn’t help than have a small salad or a fruit.

6. Get your eight hours of sleep. Sleep is so important because your body needs its rest to be able to work to its full potential.

7. Exercise of course this is a great way to speed up your weight lost. Exercise will also improve your health and give you more energy. It also helps to speed up your metabolism and burn calories and fat. You don’t have to kill yourself at a gym, all you need is a half hour to an hour. You have to do some aerobics but don’t forget some weight training. Aerobic exercise is good because you burn lots of calories and feel great after but weight training will have you burning fat/calories way after your workout. It’s important to mix it up so you won’t get bored. Doing treadmill is an awesome and quick ways to lose weight but it can get really boring so go into a class at your gym or put in your favorite exercise video. It’s very important to find something fun to add to your workouts (a zumba class, kick boxing, a bike ride, etc.). Five times a week is a good number but go in and really work out to get the best benefits. The most important thing of exercising is to keep a record from the begging so you can try an improve you workouts. Examples: when you go on the treadmill see how long it takes you to do a mile and always try to improve that time. Maybe you start with a mile in 25 minutes and then in 23 minutes until maybe one day you can do it in 15 minutes. When you lift note what you can start with and slowly increase it.

8. Plan you day ahead of time. Right down or think what your meal will be the next day and what exercise you will do. If you plan the day before than your body will mentally prepare yourself for what it has to so the next day. One you have a plan remind yourself of it and don’t get distracted. When going to eat at a party or a restaurant try to find out what the menu would be and decide what you will eat before getting there.

9. Try to interact with people that have your same goals. If you talk or hang out with people that are trying to eat healthy and live a healthy life, it will be easier for you to stay on track. Don’t get influence by other peoples laziness and lack of discipline.

Tips for better parenting

Parenting in 2013

As time moves on being a good parent becomes harder and more complicated. Most parents can’t stay home and look after their kids so most kids spend more time in daycares, with baby sitters, friends or the “media” than they do with their parents. As a result your kids are constantly learning and listening to things that are the complete opposite of what you been teaching them. Seeing kids and even adults acting up cursing, being disrespectful to one another, being inconsiderate of others and just having no manners are bad habits/behaviors that they quickly learn. Trying to teach your kids something but letting them see the opposite will be a constant problem. So what do you do to help your kids understand that what they see in hear out there might be the norm for some but it should be for them?

From a young age I taught my boys the importance of Morals, loving and caring and being considerate of others. You pack that in with working hard for what you want and you have a receipt for making great human beings.

Ok maybe am forgetting something, it couldn’t be that simple. So as I said at beginning, is hard when you are teaching them one thing but they see a total different behavior from others out there. So than this is where I’ll tell you two more ingredients that will give you the upper hand, communication and consequence.

As you teach them all these things they will be plenty of opportunities to show them that when they make bad decisions there are always consequences. So many parents don’t really make kids accountable for their actions or they don’t enforce the consequence. Having consequences and being held accountable are things that help them be more aware and careful of their choices.

You need to have a open communication with them. When you are holding them accountable, be it by (taking their toy a away, their PlayStation, free outside time, phone, etc. make sure you explain to them the reasons. Also make sure the consequence fits the severity of the bad decision. As being fair and level headed is a must.

This is all advise that I have and still am using today with my two teenage boys. So far I think it’s been working even though it’s a constant and tiring battle. I feel they will become good hearted, successful, law obeying adults. Because i will not give up or have any other way.

Just wanted to share what I feel has helped me the most through the years of being a single mother of two boys.